Kintsugi: Turning Your Wounds Into Wisdom

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CBCT® Compassion Training

Cultivating Resiliency to Help You Thrive. Course begins April 12th, 2019. Hold your spot:


Strengthening Resilience: Powerful Meditation Practices for Bouncing Back

An ongoing group that meets weekly on Mondays from 11a to 12p.

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Be Here Now Book Club

April 2019 Book has just been posted. Come check out what we are reading and join the online discussion taking place now. Next club meeting will be Monday, April 22nd, 2019.



I’m a psychotherapist and certified meditation instructor that teaches all of my insider tips and tricks to clients as well as other professional clinicians. I believe resiliency is something we can train in and we have everything we need to do so already within us. I can help you excavate resiliency so you can bounce back, and thrive and flourish in this world the way you were intended to.

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