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Special Conditions & Injuries

Anyone with series medical, physical or mental health,  conditions should consult a doctor prior to participating in a mindfulness meditation class.  Mindfulness meditation  classes offer a wonderfully therapeutic practice, but it is not therapy. We encourage you to listen to your body and mind, taking the appropriate modifications within your practice. The sitting and walking practice should not hurt. It is your responsibility to inform the instructor if you are in pain or discovering increased anxiety or depression, or have any injuries prior to the start of class.

All students are required to sign a consent form prior to participating in their first class, arrive a few minutes early, or you may download a PDF version of our consent form to fill out prior to coming to class. Be Here Now Mindfulness Consent Form.

Policy for Minors

Any student under 18 years of age must have a parent/guardian’s signature on the waiver.

Our classes are designed for students of all ages. Students who do not want to attend class and are not willing participants may be asked to discontinue the class until another time. Pro-rated refunds may be permissible under certain circumstances if this should occur. 

** Minors may not sit in the reception area or in the class while the parent or guardian takes a class.  Be Here Now Mindfulness is not authorized to supervise children.**

Privacy Policy

Your privacy is very important to us. Any personal information you choose to give us will only be used to help us provide you with the highest quality services, products, and support.

We will never share your personal or financial information with any other party. We do not share bank or credit card information with any outside parties.

We also adhere to the APA guidelines of Confidentiality, which in a nut shell states that whatever is said in class is to stay in class. Please protect the confidentiality of others in your group so that we can live in a safe and secure environment together. 

Workshop Cancellation and Refund Policy

If you sign up and pay for a workshop and are unable to attend please contact us to cancel at least 48 hours prior to the scheduled time of the workshop or class. If your request for cancellation is received within the 48 hour period that is required you can get a refund minus a 20% administration fee, or you can get a full refund credited to another Be Here Now Mindfulness class or workshop. 

If we receive your cancellation request less than 48 hours prior to the scheduled workshop a refund will not be possible. Cancellation requests must be made by email to:
or by calling 678-428-2730. 

Absence to a workshop is non-refundable. If you cancel on the day of the workshop or after it has taken place, a refund or credit will not be possible.

Workshops could occasionally be cancelled by Be Here Now Mindfulness if there is insufficient interest, or if the instructor has an emergency. If the workshop is cancelled you will be notified by email as soon as possible, and you will receive a full refund or full credit toward another class or workshop if you choose.

Policy and Guidelines for Class/Workshop

Please silence mobile devices during classes.

Wear comfortable, loose fitting clothing. Feel free to bring a cushion, pillow to sit on, Zafu and or Zabuton. You can find out about other meditation cushions here. You may bring a blanket or wrap as the temperature in the room can fluctuate. 

Arrive a few minutes prior to the start of class to allow plenty of time to check-in.

New and returning students are required to sign a waiver prior to participating in their class, arrive a few minutes early, or you may download a PDF version of our waiver to fill out prior to the first day of class.

If you arrive late for a mindfulness class, please be mindful when entering and refrain from talking or catching up with friends. 

Remove shoes prior to class (this does not apply for walking meditations or nature walks, or outdoor sittings)