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What is Dharma?:

Dharma is a Sanskrit word with diverse meanings as “nature”, “teachings”, “justice”, “truth”, “phenomena”, “virtue”, “morality”, even “religion”. In Buddhism it commonly used to mean “the teachings and doctrine’s of the Buddha.” In hinduism it refers to “the power which upholds the universe and society.”

In here it meant nothing more than reading to redefine life. Dharma in this context is seeking an aspect of truth or clarity of our reality, through reading great books on self-discovery and self-curiosity.

If you like to read and reflect and discuss: philosophy, neuroscience, meditation, motivation, empowerment, catalyst strategies for inner change, psychology, resiliency and how to bounce back after difficulty then this is a landing platform for you.

What is Sangha?:

Sangha is a word in Pali and Sanskrit meaning, “association”, “assembly”, “company”, and most commonly refers to “community”.

Thich Nhat Hanh always explained sangha as much more than a community, however. He would talk about sangha as a deep, spiritual practice.

So what is The Be Here Now Dharma Sangha?:

A sangha (or “community”) of friends practicing the dharma (or “reading” and “teaching”) together in order to bring about and to maintain deeper awareness. This is a community of people devoted to a spiritual search. How ever you define spiritual is arbitrary. It just means if you are a seeker, a dreamer, a wisher, a hoper, a pray-er, a person curious about life and how you are living it….then welcome!

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About Be Here Now Dharma Sangha:

What happens now? We meet once a month to discuss a book. Meditate. Grow. Enrich ourselves. Enlighten Others. Connect. Laugh. And Dance.

The book of the month will be posted a month or more prior to our meeting to discuss it.

There is an ongoing list of suggested books below. The book will be picked from the formed list based on continuity from our previous month, discussion, and possibly a vote. However, we choose our next book is fine by me. Just keep reading.

If you have books that you have read, or would like to read, and you do not see them on the list, please reach out and let me know and I will gladly post them.

The only guideline is the books in here maintain the theme of meditation, mindfulness, growth mindset, and compassion.

You are responsible for purchasing or checking out from your local library the book we will be discussing. And the timeline of completing it is up to you. If you don’t finish the book by the time we meet, please continue to join us for the discussion. There is no judgment and your participation is valuable.

The cost per month is $25 and pre-registration is required.

The cost is a minimal fee and pays for the usage of the online Zoom platform, some marketing, and my time in keeping us connected and informed of our books. You will also be linked to a private online forum through Facebook, so we can continue to discuss our book between the meet-ups.