Why are we NOT Teaching our Children Mindfulness?

Harvard conducted a research study and they tracked more than one-thousand people from birth to age 32, looking for what made someone successful. What common characteristic or trait was seen in a successful individual? It wasn’t their race, what language they spoke, what neighborhood they grew up in, or how much money their parents had. It wasn’t how well they did on standardized tests, or even their I.Q. It was emotional regulation, or in other words, mindfulness. The people that had the ability to control their emotions by using what mindfulness techniques train you to do, had measured higher in all areas that constituted a happier and more successful life. 

Success was examined and defined by people who had good careers, financial stability, loving relationships, and physical health. Overwhelmingly, they were the ones who could focus, pay attention, and regulate their emotions. So as we keep shoving shiny new iPads in our children's hands, and signing them up for STEM programs, robotics summer camps, and trying to book Stephen Hawking to tutor your child in math, it won't matter! None of that matters! Mindfulness Matters! If you can’t focus and pay attention, how well will you do? Mindfulness is the foundation for all other learning, for all success, happiness, and loving relationships that you will have throughout your entire life.

"So I ask you Why….If we know that this is the single most important predictor of success for human beings, Why aren’t we teaching it to you?"--AnneMarie Rossi

Empirical Results

To learn more about this study and other research and mindfulness happenings at Harvard please click here.

* This information has been adapted from Why Aren't We Teaching You Mindfulness | AnneMarie Rossi | TEDxYouth@MileHigh. I highly recommend watching this short presentation. If you are interested in viewing it, please click here.