The Power is in the Pause!


This is what mindfulness is all about. This is why it is so important, in so many ways, to literally and metaphorically search inside yourself to discover freedom and peace. Thich Nhat Hahn a well-known meditation master says, “the way out is in.” What is here to be discovered, or uncovered, is the full spectrum of who you already are as a person.  And because mindfulness is not about getting someplace else—some other worldly, existential, blissful state of transcendence (although that sounds incredible and awesome perhaps even like divine restoration right?) If you meditate and get there, let me know and take me with you.

Rather, mindfulness is about being fully where you already are and realizing the power of your full presence and awareness right now, in this moment---it’s really about finding or uncovering, rather than searching. So if you are searching for happiness out there somewhere….take note….because you already have it. It is about discovering, and un-covering that full dimensionality of your being that is already yours and then developing and refining it through systematic cultivation and practice.

The Power Is In The Pause!