Kids Beginning Mindfulness Classes and Summer Camps

Beginning Mindfulness for Kids Ages 5-10

Jennifer has designed an effective 8-week curriculum for kids ages 5-10. She has drawn on the latest research, neuroscience, and mindfulness study to make the curriculum not only informative, but fun and engaging for kids.

She is a Certified .b Instructor through the Mindfulness in Schools Project. She is a Certified Mindfulness Instructor through the Open Heart Project. In addition, she has been educated in The Still Quiet Place curriculum for children ages 4 and up, and Sitting Still Like a Frog for children ages 4 and up.

As an artist and photographer herself, she has found that adding a bit of her own creativity keeps the classes fresh and exciting for kids.

She offers this program as an 8-week course, meeting each week for one hour.

She also offers this program as an intensive 3-day summer camp.

Please check the schedule for current course offerings.

If you would like to book this class for a private group (5+ children) or a school or organization, please e-mail Jen here.

Sample Course Content of Beginning Mindfulness for Kids

Mindful Bodies and Planting Seeds of Kindness

I Feel Emotions On the Inside—-Understanding Our Weather Patterns

How I Feel on the Inside Shows on the Outside

The Power of the Pause—-Learning How to POP™ So You Pause Before Reacting

Strengthening Our Meta-Cognition—-Our Attention About Our Attention 

Taking Care of Strong Emotions

Gratitude Practice and Understanding Interconnection—Thanking the Farmer

What is Happening In Our Brain—-Especially When We are Feeling Big Things

The Jobs of Our Brain—-The Hippocampus—the Librarian; The Amygdala—the Alarm System; The PreFrontal Cortex—The Wise One

Mindful Walking—Like a Tiger; Mindful Eating—-

What Others Are Saying

I highly recommend Jen's approach to Mindfulness and Compassion-Training for both kids and grownups. I'm speaking from my own first- hand experience, her teachings are wise and pivotal, and she's building a whole community around her work --which she's both passionate and extremely knowledgable about. Give it a try!.

I wasn’t sure what to expect but WOW! Jen made everyone feel welcome and for once I got out of a class feeling like ‘I can do this’ and be a better parent and a more present parent. The kids took her summer camp this year and it is our goal for next summer!! The boys loved it! And they love Jen!

Be Here Now offers fantastic courses for anyone interested in being fully present in their lives. As a mother of three, I have found her techniques invaluable in parenting my children. Jennifer is authentic, passionate, and caring!

My son is a toughy! And Jen knocked it out of the park in helping him learn how to POP! He has transformed in ways that I would never know how to do on my own. Thank you Jen! We will be back next summer!

Discovering Be Here Now Mindfulness has been transformative. If you have ever wanted to start a meditation practice or truly incorporate mindfulness into your life instead of just reading about it in magazines, give this a try. It's a wonderful community led by a generous, gentle, compassionate soul. In addition to many wonderful classes and workshops, she offers free (!) meditation meet-ups for anyone interested in getting started or meeting with a community to meditate from time to time. As a working mother of two young children, I can truly say Jen's work has created positive ripples in my life and in the lives of the ones I love. I highly recommend giving it a try!

Jen Finch is a friend and mentor, and I gain so much from her knowledge, experience and compassion - in and outside of her class. No Drama Mama's helped me realign my parenting approach with what I want out of my relationship with my kids and myself. Jen's curriculum stems from a relatable and wholly applicable philosophy that is completely secular. Every mama should give herself the gift of Jen!

Teacher Training to Learn and Teach POP™ to Kids ages 5-10 Coming Soon….

If you are enthusiastic about teaching kids how to emotionally regulate and help plant seeds of mindfulness, please reach out and contact us.

Jennifer is currently working on a teacher training program that is unique in its design and delivery. She hopes to spread the mindfulness and compassion seeds more effectively, by having others also trained in her powerful and effective strategies.

This is a program for all change agents, teachers, teachers-in-training, care-givers, mental health professionals, and anyone who just enjoys working with kids in a fun setting.