Self-Compassion is what I call Rebellious Self-Care. It is not over with in an hour, like most self-care remedies, and it has long-lasting lifetime effects of well-being, thriving and flourishing if cultivated with care, patience, and some deliberate effort. It is a turning toward oneself, which can be one of the most difficult things to do. Essentially it is the crucible of self. We are putting ourselves on trial so to speak. We are examining our flaws, limitations, imperfections, which come from living in a human body. Examining these habitual patterns that lie within, is not easy, but worth it. Because when we investigate ourselves with kindness and non-judgment we can rid ourselves from our own self-damaging behaviors. We can liberate our selves from our ruminating thoughts, and repetitive behaviors of reactivity. Self-Compassion is the hard, hard work of compassion, and without it, as Jack Kornfield says, “compassion wouldn’t be complete.”