Jennifer Finch, M.A., LPC, NBCC, Certified Mindfulness Instructor, CBCT® Instructor

Atlanta Center for Wellness

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Welcome to Be Here Now Therapy. You are about to embark on a unique journey of uncovering your deepest, most authentic being and your veracious and fullest life. This is the hero’s quest of old, and I am glad you are about to travel along with me.

About Jennifer Finch, M.A. LPC, NBCC, CBCT®, Meditation Instructor:

Jennifer holds a Master’s in Counseling Psychology from Appalachian State University, graduated Summa cum laude in 2001. She studied community mental health with an emphasis in addictionology, trauma and meditation. In addition to her private practice, in 2013, she became the founding director of Be Here Now Mindfulness, LLC. She passionately researches and teaches on the neuroscience and physiology of compassion and resiliency, and understands these complex integrative states of mind and body to have unique healing properties. They work collaboratively in that compassion excavates the resources of resiliency, grit and confidence, which Jennifer believes is our innate birthright.

Jennifer has an established meditation practice that she began in the late 1990’s while in graduate school. This practice combined with two decades of clinical experience, and advanced specialty trainings in trauma, meditation and resiliency provides a unique experience to individuals using an inside out approach to therapy. She looks equally at one’s cognitive scripts as well as at what the body is “saying,” aiming to sync them back to a secure, safe, resilient and confident whole individual.

She recently completed her certification to teach CBCT® Compassion Training to clients and other practitioners from the Center for Contemplative Sciences and Compassion Based Ethics at Emory University. She is also a level I practitioner of Dr. Peter Levine’s Somatic Experiencing™ 3-year advanced training in trauma.

She is compassionate, patient, easy-going and nonjudgmental and believes that the therapeutic relationship is a collaborative process in which the therapist and client work together to bring about positive change and wellness. Jennifer has a knack for putting people at ease and is particularly skilled at engaging people who may feel doubtful or uncertain about therapy. She seeks to help every client identify and use their own unique strengths to experience empowerment and create meaning in their lives. She aspires to help clients find renewed humor and joy, all while regaining control of their lives; leaving them feeling centered, balanced, resilient and confident.

About Individual Therapy:

Be Here Now approaches therapy using an integrative and holistic approach of body-mind. We are in an exciting time of neuroscience and somatic discovery where we are finally getting the importance of treating the whole individual. Body cannot be separated from mind. Jennifer is a skilled practitioner with extensive training in trauma. Trauma can be defined with a Capital “T” or a lower case “t” but we have all experienced something that continues to make us “stuck” and keep us reacting out of habitual patterns. Whether this is divorce, or divorce of our parents at a young age, addictions, abuse, or a car accident. She firmly believes that when the disconnect between one’s body and mind is resolved, we can return back to a homeostatic feeling of safety, security, and well-being and continue forward on our path with full vibrancy.

Jennifer utilizes research based resiliency exercises that give you tools and a map for the territory you are traveling within. Her technique is designed to uniquely meet you where you are and is drawn from the latest research, contemplative study and science. We take a slightly different approach to therapy where we learn to look at our life from the inside. From this view, life has the potential to be in High Definition.

If you feel like you have been stuck eating in the crappy diner your whole life, therapy from this wisdom will show you the gourmet restaurant that is right around the corner. And, it has been there the whole time, we just haven’t been able to see it.

The good news is everybody can benefit from this therapy; it is part—-perhaps the most important part—-of our human inheritance.

About Group Therapy:

Jennifer runs a therapeutic meditation group once a week on Mondays from 11:00a to 12:00p at Atlanta Center for Wellness. If you would like to try out meditation or see how Jennifer approaches therapy, this is a wonderful way to get started. For more information click this link:

Strengthening Resilience: Powerful Meditation Practices to Help You Bounce Back

About Coaching:

Jennifer works closely with other therapists, social workers, nurses, M.D.s, change agents in teaching them how to incorporate more mindfulness and meditation into their practices. If you are a healer of some sort on the frontlines of care-giving and are interested in one-on-one meditation coaching please contact Jennifer here:

You might also be interested in her CBCT® Compassion/Resiliency Training she offers to practitioners for 20 Continued Education Credits. You can read more about CBCT® here.

Or read Jennifer’s personal story with CBCT® here.

Clients Jennifer Serves:

Jennifer currently welcomes adults of all ages in her one-on-one therapeutic practice. She works with children and adolescents in her group workshops, and summer camps, but currently does not provide individual counseling for these younger age groups and populations.

She provides support and works with a wide range of presenting concerns including: anxiety, depression, relationship issues, self esteem and self-image, trauma, and trauma related injuries (i.e. medical procedures, car accidents, divorce), emotional blockages, dissolving limiting beliefs and emotional patterns, addictions, intimacy disorders including sex addiction, transition & adjustment issues, and women’s issues. She also has extensive experience working with clients dealing with interpersonal issues and emotional regulation. 

Although Jennifer focuses on contemplative science and therapeutic techniques of regaining resiliency, she also incorporates many other modalities when necessary. Treating the whole client is important and we will use whatever tools we need to stay on the trail.

She is trained in: CBT, Solution-Focused, Mindfulness, Client-Centered Approaches, addictions, Brief Therapy, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), Attachment Styles and Secure Attachment and Body-Mind Therapy.

She is currently working toward extensive training and certification in trauma using the Somatic Experiencing™ Method of Dr. Peter Levine.  


To read more about Jennifer's specialities and treatment approaches, please click here.




Jennifer offers fun, pragmatic ways for kids to learn emotional regulation through breath work and body movement. She helps them discover their own unique inner still, quiet space. She offers summer camps, after school classes, and limited one on one counseling with ages 5 and up. Kids will leave sessions with tangible take-aways that can be implemented in their daily lives.

At this time, Jennifer is only working with kids in mindfulness groups and summer camps. 



Jennifer helps teens and young adults navigate life transitions during this tumultuous time. When the outside shows you have it all together, and the inside feels trapped, lost, lonely and down, compassion training just might be the key. When you want to remain fiercely independent, but your parents still snowplow the landscape for you, mindfulness meditation might just help you discover your warrior wisdom and confidence to flourish. 

At this time, Jennifer is only working with teens in mindfulness groups. Private groups are available with 4+ participants. Please contact us if you would like to schedule a private group. 



Resiliency gives adults an advantage in navigating the many directions we go in an average day. Jennifer utilizes the latest psychology research, and neuroscience to approach a solution-focused outcome unique for you. We will dig into our values and strengths to see how we can cultivate well-being and bring holistic health back into your life. We will work together to excavate your survival skills, activate your innate network of resources so you can thrive and flourish from a place of resiliency and grit. One that is not clouded with obscurations of addictions, or stuck in habitual patterns. We learn to live without pushing or pulling, clinging or grasping and let everything go that is no longer serving you.