Jennifer Finch, M.A., LPC, NBCC, Certified Mindfulness Instructor

Jennifer welcomes children, adolescents, and adults. She provides support and works with a wide range of presenting concerns including: anxiety, depression, relationship issues, self esteem and self-image, trauma, and trauma related injuries (i.e. medical procedures, car accidents, divorce), emotional blockages, dissolving limiting beliefs and emotional patterns, transition & adjustment issues, and women’s issues. She also has extensive experience working with clients dealing with interpersonal issues and emotional regulation. 

Passionate about the emerging neuroscience and psychology with compassion and mindfulness based meditation, Jennifer focuses on these empowering techniques when working with children, adolescents, and adults. She gives them mindful tools and skills to express themselves and heal through their own creative process. Although Jennifer focuses on contemplative science and therapeutic techniques, she also incorporates several modalities when practicing therapy and counseling, including CBT, solution-focused, mindfulness, and client-centered approaches. She received training in Addictions, Brief Therapy, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), and Body-Mind Therapy while working on her graduate degree at Appalachian State University. She is currently working toward extensive training and certification in Compassion Based Therapy Techniques, Somatic Experiencing, Attachment Styles and Secure Attachment. 

She is compassionate, patient, easy-going and nonjudgmental and believes that the therapeutic relationship is a collaborative process in which the therapist and client work together to bring about positive change and wellness. Jennifer has a knack for putting people at ease and is particularly skilled at engaging people who may feel doubtful or uncertain about therapy. She seeks to help every client identify and use their own unique strengths to experience empowerment and create meaning in their lives. She aspires to help clients find renewed humor and joy, all while regaining control of their lives; leaving them feeling centered, balanced, and confident.



Jennifer offers fun, pragmatic ways for kids to learn emotional regulation through breath work and body movement. She helps them discover their own unique inner still, quiet space. She offers summer camps, after school classes, and limited one on one counseling with ages 5 and up. Kids will leave sessions with tangible take-aways that can be implemented in their daily lives.



Jennifer helps teens and young adults navigate life transitions during this tumultuous time. When the outside shows you have it all together, and the inside feels trapped, lost, lonely and down, compassion training just might be the key. When you want to remain fiercely independent, but your parents still snowplow the landscape for you, mindfulness meditation might just help you discover your warrior wisdom and confidence to flourish. 



Compassion and Mindfulness Based Meditation Techniques strongly give adults an advantage in navigating the many directions we go in an average day. Jennifer utilizes the latest compassion and mindfulness research, neuroscience, and psychology to approach a solution-focused outcome unique for you. We will dig into our values and strengths to see what makes you tick, what you hope and long for, what you’ve been afraid to reach for and what you’ve been settling for instead.