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Beginning Mindfulness for Kids (ages 5-10)

  • Be Here Now Mindfulness, LLC 850 Indian Hills Parkway Northeast Marietta, GA, 30068 United States (map)

Session One: June 4-6 9:00a to 12:00p

Session Two: June 18-20 9:00a to 12:00p

Investment: $150

Location: East Cobb/Marietta 850 Indian Hills Pkwy, Marietta, GA 20068

This course offers simple, playful ways to introduce kids to the basics of mindfulness.  Mindfulness is nothing other than present-moment awareness, an open and friendly willingness to understand what is going on in and around you.  When children learn to be mindfully present, they’ll have the tools they need to deal with stress, sleep better at night, improve concentration, increase self-confidence, creativity, and compassion.  And above all, they learn to be kind, to themselves and others.  They become familiar with their inner-world, without having to make any immediate judgments about what they (or others) think, feel or experience.  They learn to deal with calm and turmoil when these emotions present themselves.  An “un-stressed” mind learns better, finds different solutions for the same problems, reacts less impulsively from automatic pilot, and can handle difficult emotions throughout a lifetime.

         Studies have demonstrated that children who have done, or are doing mindfulness, deal    differently with stressful situations and are better able to empathize with others.  They make different choices in conflict situations: more conscious and from a place of calm. Mindfulness   is good for children’s developing brains.  So why not support this wholeheartedly?  Put your child at the forefront of a rapidly growing movement to give mindfulness a permanent    place in the 21st century school curriculum.  It’s something every child deserves.

If you are interested go to CLASSES to learn more or register your child for a class or summer camp.