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Edges to Emptiness: A Somatic Meditation Experience

  • Atlanta Center for Wellness 6100 Lake Forrest Drive Northeast Atlanta, GA, 30342 United States (map)

Edges to Emptiness

Come once, or twice, or complete the 10 course path in order, or out of order. Start over, begin again, or start where you are.

“Do or do not, there is no try.”—Yoda the wise

This weekly class repeats ten somatic meditations that are designed to take you from a downright to upright position and then apply your practice and walk right back into your everyday life. Repetition is how we learn, so the goal would not be to complete the ten practices and then check it off as done. They are designed to deepen and enhance your meditation practice each time you experience them.

1. Building Trust, Safety & Security.

1. Building Trust, Safety & Security.

2. Work with your posture to enhance your practice.

2. Work with your posture to enhance your practice.

The first six practices are done in lying down position or what is known as 10-points practice. We establish trust, safety, security and relaxation within our bodies. We cultivate a grounded connection and work with our edges.

The next four practices are done in what might be known as a classical meditation pose of sitting on a cushion or chair. We work with aligning our posture in a certain way to enhance our mental clarity, reduce pain, stress, anxiety, and open the breath to its full capacity.

Take what you learn in your practice and apply it directly to your life.

Take what you learn in your practice and apply it directly to your life.

The real practice begins when you learn to apply it right back into your everyday life. Take what you learn and feel from your practice and maintain that “felt sense” when the rubber meets the road. The direct experience of your actual life through the lens of a deliberate meditation practice feels more spacious, less reactionary, more grounded and connected and purpose-driven. The goal is not enlightenment, the goal is total presence from your totality of being. It is freedom of choice, freedom from stress, freedom from discursive mind, freedom from entangled emotions that no longer serve you. This freedom can be known as Emptiness.

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In Edges to Emptiness, we spend 10 weeks together exploring the practices of somatic meditation. Try it once or twice, or attend all 10 sessions. Attend in sequence or jump around and try them how you would like, or how your schedule allows.

Our goal in this program is twofold: First, the program and curriculum begins in lying down position and the practices are designed to help you establish a comfort, trust and ease within your nervous system. Drawing upon my extensive knowledge of trauma and meditation, these practices aim to promote safety, security, spaciousness and resilience within one’s own body. When we learn to relax with our practice, meditation can be more easily adopted as a cornerstone of your life. These practices are for anyone, whether you are a beginning or seasoned practitioner, or have never tried meditation before, they are trauma informed and foundational. Secondly, the program takes you from a downright position to an upright sitting position necessary for you to develop and maintain the strength and deep connection to self as you learn to relate your practice back into your everyday life. The goal is to step right off of your cushion and carry your insights, wisdom and direct connection with self back into your actual life, so you can meet it, exactly how it is.

With a dedication to these practices, and with your work with your group, you can enter a new way of connecting with the world from total embodiment and stability. This is not easy work, but if you are anything like me, you don’t need it to be easy, you just need it to work. And I have seen first hand, how it is working and know deep within my heart that it is what we all need right now—a sense of open, clear, gentle and direct connection to ourselves and to others. The world needs us to respond from our totality of being, not react from our limited amygdala, and we are being called upon in a profound way to do this work.

How this course is set up:

You can start at the beginning and work the curriculum in its designed sequential order, or you can feel free to jump in at anytime and experience the practices individually. The meditation exercises are designed to work in collaboration with each other to build your practice, but also can be deepened and enhanced by experiencing them as a unique and stand alone somatic meditation practice.

When you get to the end, you can repeat, or loop back to the beginning. At the end of each 10 week segment, we will repeat the entire course. Each time, you might discover you go deeper into your practice, connect spiritually to yourself or other higher power, or enhance your purpose and meaning in a current world where this might be seen as anathema, where we regularly witness pain, aggression, ignorance, plight and superfluous busyness and perfectionism. Instead find peace, stillness, deep relaxation and connection to an integrated self, body, mind and spirit.

Start Dates & Cost:

If you would like to start at the beginning you can register for the whole 10 week package for a discounted price. If you would like to jump in and stop by after work and pay individually as you go, that is okay too. Pre-Registration is encouraged, but cash at the door or payment through Venmo are other available options.

10 week discount package: $175

1 somatic meditation: $20

Next start date of ten consecutive classes: Monday Oct. 14, 2019 (See full schedule below)

Location & Time:

Mondays (beginning Oct. 14th)

6:15p to 7:00p

Atlanta Center for Wellness

6100 Lake Forrest Dr. Suite 450

Sandy Springs, GA 30328

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Why Somatic Meditation:

For the past decade or so, I have been researching the power and wisdom within our bodies. I am currently training in a 3-year certification in Somatic Experiencing™ with Dr. Peter Levine, and have been teaching and experiencing somatic meditation for the past two decades. I work extensively in my therapeutic practice with somatic techniques and firmly believe in the healing process with an inside out approach. I work predominantly with complex trauma, PTSD, stress disorders and grief and I see readily how “The Body Keeps the Score.” The foundational somatic practices train us in a wisdom beyond our language, beyond our cognitive knowing, and allow us to step in to the “felt sense.” When we are attuned to our body’s innate wisdom we can provide care where it is needed, see clearly and deeply what is required, experience others more fully and intimately, and be present for those that need it most, including ourselves.

We are each being called upon for so much in these dark days that we often feel paralyzed. By taking the time and effort to develop a living, powerful spiritual practice of our own we are making room for something new to appear and a greater capacity for us to be of benefit.

We learn to relate with our own being—our human bodies—directly and with curiosity. We then might find the alienation that we all often experience begins with what we take most for granted—our own flesh and bone embodiment. Using simple, direct, powerful practices we learn to gently explore this vast world inside of us. We learn that when we approach ourselves in a gentle way, without reactivity, the fears, joys, aggressions, lust, sadness, and ambition arise from a great, mysterious core of wisdom at our center that guides us into a fresh, open, reality. The communication from the body is often subtle, and almost always surprising, at least from the point of view of our discursive mind. It takes time and training to learn this subtle language of wisdom. We gain a reliable guide that can help us move from our paralysis into beautiful engagement with all.

—Jeffry Gonzalez

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2019 Edges to Emptiness Schedule 

Mondays 6:15p to 7:00p

Atlanta Center for Wellness

6100 Lake Forrest Drive, Suite 450, Sandy Springs, GA 30328

Pre-Register or $20 cash or Venmo at the door


Holidays: No Class 12/23, 12/30

 Downright (6 practices)

Practice One: Ten Points




Practice Two: Creating Space




Practice Three: Connecting to Breath




Practice Four: Connecting to Self




Practice Five: Whole Body Breathing and Rooting




Practice Six: Soft Belly Breathing




Upright (4 practices)

Practice One:




Practice Two:




Practice Three:




Practice Four: